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We are passionate about sustainable solutions

2Go4Green® offers innovative, high-performance and environmentally friendly solutions for a healthy environment.
Suitable for everyday life and in particular for buildings and infrastructures,
these solutions are ultra-efficient and can either complement or replace what currently exists.

Building & Innovation

Interior solutions


Offices - hospitals - greenhouses - shops - catering
Transparent window insulation/Summer and winter/10 year guarantee


Offices - hospitals - shops - catering - vehicles - Air purifiers/Bacteria, viruses, odour control/No filters to replace


All types of surfaces - air - water - hands
Disinfectant - cleaner - deodorizer/100% biodegradable


All constructions: interior and exterior walls
Interior and exterior paints/100% ecological/cleaning

Building & Innovation

Exterior solutions


Walls - pavements - urban infrastructure - concrete - monuments
Surface Protection/Self-Cleaning & Pollution Control Surfaces


Solar panels - exterior windows
Makes the glass self-cleaning and increases the efficiency of solar panels

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We are active in Europe

Our homebase is situated in Belgium, but we are active in multiple countries in Europe.

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